Everything is Fashion – Everything is a New Trend Especially on the Beach

There are lots of fashion accessories that became protagonists on the beach. Even a plain one-piece with some particular tangles can become fashion; not to talk about bikini and bathing suit. A lot of shops even suggest different matches for the two-pieces swim suit. The bra can be triangle-shaped, padded, strap or strapless, halter neck. The bra can be matched just with slip or culottes, short pants. You can also choose the colors altogether. A red bra with white polka-dots can be matched with white panties with red polka-dots. On the swimsuit there could be also bows, thongs, wristbands and breast pockets. A fashion accessory that can match with the swimsuit, both one-piece, two-pieces and bikini, is the sarong.

Color-matching with the swimsuit, it can be bought together with it as a complete set. There are many kind of sarongs, some of them seem to be long skirts, other are triangle-shaped so they just cover the bottom and the legs right in a triangular way. In this way, the tip of the triangle on one side covers the knee and on the other side half thigh. Among beach fashion accessories and beach wear, we can find also the flip-flops, back to the stage with thousands of different models and colors, according to the selected swimsuit.

We can’t forget toe nails, that have to be always clean and it’s better if an esthetician often takes care of them maybe during a relaxing pedicure session.

To be really fashionable and always color-matching, it would be very nice to change every day the color of your toe nails polish, according to the swimsuit you are going to wear. Now let’s talk about the beach towel, where there should be printed subjects from beach characters (such as fishes, boats, ships), to natural subjects (such as landscapes, animals) to be really trendy. It’s better if it’s a big size towel, made of a very good terry cloth and possibly matching with an air pad to use as headrest.

Even creams can be categorized as beach fashion: more and more we all want to get a tan so we buy solar body creams, face creams and after sun creams to refresh the skin and give it a sigh of relief. All these creams will have a variable level of protection depending on the sensibility of our skin. To make the tan last longer, you can also buy some particular bath foams that don’t wash the tan away. But not just in summer you can go to the beach; sea air is very good in every season. A holiday or just a week-end is ideal thing to breath better and admire the beautiful scenario that is the sea in winter, even if we won’t go to the beach with swimsuit and creams, ready to bathe and sunbathe.

Just a healthy walk, which can become very romantic if you are with your partner, on the beach or on the seafront, the ideal thing is to breath good quality air, fresh and clean. It’s not true that sea makes people nervous, I believe that seeing the sea in winter is an extremely nice experience, far from metropolitan cities chaos, and far from smog and confusion. If you want to spend some relaxed time, it’s a very good destination, even if entertaining in low season is not like in high season. As positive sides, you can surely count on accessible prices, because it’s not high season, so it could be a great gift idea for women.

Let’s also take the chance to try a different destination from the usual ski holiday on the mountains!

Career Chic – Being Fashionable in the Workplace

In the workplace, trying to be fashionable yet professional isn’t always as hard as it seems. Fashion in the workplace can be timeless and can even allow you to go from your cubicle to an evening out on the town. As long as you are careful with you manner of dress, speech and behavior, you can pull off the most fashionable look to your most professional advantage. A great reference for the “perfect business look” would be the 2007 film “The Devil Wears Prada.” In this film, women are shown in fierce yet professional ready-wear in the busy working district of New York City. For this look you can first, start off with the basics: stockings, skirts, blouses, pants and blazer and turn these professional necessities into chic and sleek business attire.

1. Wearing tailored suits and separates may seem a little too boring. Spice up these suits by pairing them with a bright shirt or shoe. A pop of color brightens black and grey business attire. Suits tend to shine most with pink satin tops, deep blue silk blouses or even a silk white halter under a blazer. However, keep the bright color maximum up the three pieces. Do not mix in more than one color; this can make you look tacky on the job. If you still feel a little bland, add a white neck scarf as an accent to your throat, hair or wrist. When it comes to bottoms, an a-line skirt, pencil skirt or trouser pants or slack will do just fine. The most important part is standing out from your suit, separate or bottoms!

2. Add the touch of flavor to your business attire by throwing on jewelry and accessories. You can never leave home without these! Accessories and jewelry along with a suit or separate will take your business fashion wear into nighttime hours. Wearing large, chunky jewelry may be distractions in the workplace therefore switch these up with ropes of costume pearl necklaces or bracelets, a stunning watch and vintage rings and earrings. These accessories add a fashion statement to your business savvy look making it trendy yet professional and approachable. With accents of jewelry and accessories, you will go unnoticed by your colleagues in the workplace.

3. Always keep your hair well groomed in the workplace. This can set you apart from being business appropriate to fashionable yet professional. Stick to sleek, traditional hairstyles such as bone straight, a smooth ponytail, an asymmetrical bob or long bangs rather than a messy bun or up do. While free-flowing hair may be trendy, it makes you look less put together.

Being trendy in the workplace doesn’t take much effort at all. To build the perfect wardrobe takes time. Always pick up and item or two when shopping to add to your business savvy wardrobe. In no time you will have “the look” down packed. One more key note: always remember to wear stockings anytime your legs are visible. This is a must in the work environment and most people consider bare legs inappropriate. Take these key points and turn yourself into Ms. Career Chic!